Can the government fix social care crisis?

The government is finalising plans to fix the problems in social care, Boris Johnson, the prime minister has announced on 30th June, 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news comes just weeks after Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock admitted that social care reform could be further delayed due to the pandemic.

Revealing details of his “New Deal” to help revive the UK economy from the COVID-19 crisis, Boris Johnson said the Conservatives “won’t wait” to fix the problem of social care that “every government has flunked for 30 years”.

“We will end the injustice that some people have to sell their homes to finance the costs of their care while others don’t. We are finalising our plans and we will build a cross-party consensus,” he said.

Boris Johnson added in his speech to the nation yesterday (30th June, 2020) that the government “must work fast” to plan its response and to fix the problems that were “most brutally illuminated” during the crisis, including the “problems in our social care system”.

Extract from: Government ‘finalising’ plans to fix social care crisis, says PM

Following the past few months, it has highlighted a multitude of problems, within the health and social care system.

Moor Independence Ltd will be crossing our fingers that Boris Johnson will “fix” the issues in social care that no other government, over the past 30 years has looked at. Let’s hope the injustice the elderly and vulnerable and their families face is sorted out, sooner rather than later.

We all know that the social care system is in dire need of reform and in light of on going events, it is a reform that is required now.

As professional carers that have worked within the sector, we know that there are some huge issues that the sector and the people that rely on it and work within it, face. Carers are seen as low skilled workers and their pay reflects this with carers often paid minimum wage. In fact, apprentices are paid as little as £ 3.90 per hour and often do exactly the same work as their counterparts (certainly in our experience).

Change is needed to ensure carers are given the respect they deserve, enabling them to provide their clients the very best care available.

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